March Habit #29 I Have Wings On My Feet

Dear FlyLady,

Someone once said “getting old is not for sissies” too true.

At 53 I have developed ‘foot problems” – and have had to have orthotics made (support soles) – my feet used to ache but since the orthotics, I have wings on my feet.

My tread is lighter and my feet no longer hurt. But My shoes no longer fit, as the orthotics take up so much space in the shoe, I now have to wear a bigger size.

On Sunday I decided to do a “Shoe closet purge” – orthotic in, foot in, no good, shoes out was the rhythm. I got rid of about 20 pairs of shoes. Why did I have so many pairs in the first place you may well ask, well I love shoes.

Now down to 3 pairs that the orthotics like. I was quite emotional when I tossed the shoes, but didn’t take back one pair on a “maybe” once I had decided.

Order reigns in the shoe closet.


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