Fell in Love Immediately


Hey Pam,

When the FlyLady sent out a notice about your website, HOUSE FAIRY!  I fell in love immediately!  It was so sweet!  But I KNEW if I were the one to get my kids to check you out, they would want nothing to do with it!  (Can you remember being like that about stuff your Mom liked?  I do, but I swear I was at least 12!  My kids are 5 & 7!! Actually my older daughter is like this, but my younger daughter does whatever her big sis does!  SIGH!)

So I sat on you for a few months.  This past month their room has been SO BAD I didn’t even want to clean it or even know where to begin!!!!  It was like this for three WEEKS!!!!!!!!  So, here is what I did.  When my kids were in another room, I pulled your website up on the computer and then I minimized it.  Then I told the kids to go play on the computer, which they did for a little while until I came in to see what they were doing.  I casually said, “Hey!  What’s this???” pointing to your minimized thing down at the bottom of the screen. My eldest (the READER) looked and read it, “HOUSE FAIRY.” And then said, “OOOOOHHHH what IS that???”

The rest is history!!!  They either think you magically sent it to them or they found it themselves!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!! It wasn’t MOMMY’S idea!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!!!


To see if the House Fairy is right for your kids, have them take this fun, two-minute test. If they run to their room to pick up five things, you’ll be able to have fun with the House Fairy.

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