Excess Powder All Cleaned Up

Dear FlyLady,

I’m so excited!!  I laid down in bed and pulled my tablet out to check my Facebook and email and unwind for sleep.  I opened my email and find this email on the Ultimate Value Package.  Just what I’ve been wanting.

I’m a new FlyBaby and I’ve had most of these products in my shopping cart waiting for today when I knew our yearly bonus would be deposited in my bank account.  So you know how excited I was to see this package.  I needed new cleaning supplies anyway, so I might as well get your products.

I’ve been shining my sink this week and swishing and swiping too.  This morning when I swished and started wiping, I kept on wiping… all over my over-the-toilet shelving unit. Getting the dust and excess powder all cleaned up and thinking “Man! Do I need some of those rags!!!”  I’m so happy you put together this package.  I’ve already put in my order.  Now to wait for delivery.

Getting it together in Florida!

I know how much you love Bogos. I talked to the team and they made it happen. Purple Rags
are one of your favorite.



Our Ultimate Value Package!

$89.95  All items sold separately would total $130.17. Save over $40.00


We have something special for you! Go check it out!

Put an item in your shopping cart then calculate the shipping.

We have given you a discount on your shipping! We think you are really going to love what we have done.


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