We Are Going to Try Something Different This Month

Dear Friends,

I have heard your many complaints and made a decision that you don’t have to wear shoes today. We could try an experiment.  I want you to put on your fuzzy house slippers and wear them. Yes you heard me right. Today you don’t have to wear your lace up shoes.

Better yet, let’s recycle a couple of those stuffed animals by taking the stuffing out and putting them on your feet. We could start a new trend: Stepping out with your fuzzy friends. Please send me your pictures.

Oh there are two little problems. You would not go out in the public with those on your feet and the other is that it is April Fools.

And you thought I was getting soft didn’t you!

Now go put on your lace up shoes and have a good laugh! Watch out for
those jokesters today!

It is fun to FLY with a smile on your face,


I know how much you love Bogos. I talked to the team and they made it happen. Purple Rags
are one of your favorite.



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