I Feel Free

Dear FlyLady,

I did a Marathon cleaning yesterday and today. The reason is that, I have a Bible study group that I’m hosting here in my home this week. I’m still on the babysteps for beginning to Fly, I’m on day 17. Well it was more of a deep cleaning session, and I split up the areas.

But now that I’m done, I finished early by the way 3 hours to spare before the gathering, well this time it felt easier, faster, and not so stressing. It didn’t really feel like housework how it used to. That’s thanks to you and your system, and we’ll I feel this serenity that just makes me feel free.

Thanks to you again, you have helped yet another person with your ways.

Flybaby F.

FlyLady here:  I am so proud of you. The more you establish habits and string them into routines; the more peace you will find. Soon you will not need to marathon clean.

I know how much you love Bogos. I talked to the team and they made it happen. Purple Rags
are one of your favorite.



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