Pollen is All Over Everything


Dear FlyLady,

I ordered the purple rags just for the pollen- you know, if you live in a certain part of the South- that yellow stuff that covers the car and windshield.

I am driving to work due east for a bit- right in the sun and those windshields need to be spotless, or we have what the traffic people call “a delay due to the bright sunshine factor.” Any smears can cause such a blinding area that you might have to stop in traffic and inch along until you can see, or, worst case, stop and get out and clean.

With my purple rags and a bottle of water, I can do my swipes before I leave and not have to stop. It also cleans the rest of the car off nicely.

LOL- I have to put my rag in the trunk until I can get home and wash it. In the car, I would cough all the way to work- that much pollen, already!

Lin in Georgia

FlyLady here: You really do need to keep your windshield clean so you can drive safely. I don’t go anywhere without my purple rag.


I know how much you love Bogos. I talked to the team and they made it happen. Purple Rags are one of your favorite.



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