A Great Compliment

By Angela Bley

I love this book! What a great compliment to the FlyLady system. I have been a follower or a FlyBaby for over 2 years. I’ve loved having help getting organized and becoming less stressed. I’ve kinda taken a sabbatical from my routine and noticed the stress and disorganization that crept back in my life. I was excited to see this book written. I couldn’t put it down because I could relate to the character. The book is funny, thought provoking, inspiring, and down to earth real! It’s truly a compliment to the system. Thanks for writing an entertaining story and yet one that a lot of us can relate to. And thank you for inspiring me to get back to being a FlyBaby, doing my routine and shining my sink! This is a great read! It’s a 2 thumbs up!

By Karla Enneking

Wow!! I had no idea that reading this book could make me feel better. My kitchen is spotless and I love the feeling. Thank you for sending this book my way.

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