Let’s Do the Weekend Dance

Dear Friends,

Every week we are excited for Friday to roll around! We finally get to do the weekend dance. Our weekends are precious to us. Do you have anything planned for your weekend? Plans just don’t materialize out of thin air; we have to look ahead and see what is going on in your community. We have lots of festivals this time of year.

Friday is also Date Night. Now don’t get upset. I realize that not everyone is in a relationship. We have a chance to spend time with friends and loved ones. You can plan on going to a movie or dinner. You can have date night with one of your children or grandchildren.  Here is the deal; you can’t wait till the last minute to do this. Plans need to be made. I want you to stop the helpless search for food or a movie at 6pm on a Friday Night. Put this on your calendar earlier in the week.  You still have some time today to make some plans.

I don’t want you wasting your Saturday’s trying to catch up on your chores around the house. Your simple routines can free you to have fun on Saturday; not do laundry. You are not behind! A Saturday is a terrible thing to waste.

With our Basic Weekly Plan, we take care of grocery shopping during non-busy hours. With our menu planning, we save money so we have the funds to play on the weekend and fill up our cars. It is always good to fuel and clean out your car on Friday so that you are ready to play.

Please have some fun this weekend! You deserve to play a little! Let’s practice playing like children! Isn’t that what babysteps are all about?


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