Money I Wasted

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you so much for your Clog Cannon.  I seem to always get slow drains in my house since we bought it 8 years ago.  I have gone through more liquid drain cleaner than I care to even think about.  And all the money I wasted buying it every couple of months.  A few weeks ago the drains started acting up again so I decided to give the clog cannon a try.  I stood in 1″ of water in the shower every day for a a couple weeks waiting on my clog cannon.  And the day it came right after my DD’s shower we gave it a shot.  It worked.

My DH was so excited so we used it on the bathroom sink.  We couldn’t get a good seal so water went up over all of us, but it worked!!!!! I pumped and held the clog cannon, DH held the rag on the hole in the sink and DD pulled the trigger!!! First family project.  Our 6 year old DD won’t help with any house work, except when she uses FlyLady products, the Rubba Scrubba and the Feather Duster which I already owned.  Now the clog cannon!!!!

Thank you so much for such great products.  My next purchases will be the FlyLady Dryer Lint Kit and the Water Bottles.  Keep Flying!!!!

-Flybaby Jen

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