Deleting Emails was a Mistake

I have purchased a number of FlyLady products and have been trying to fly for at least -I am not kidding – five years, without success. I am a single working woman, and really wanted to get onboard when I bought a new house. But a number of crises – my mother’s sudden death, my sister’s struggle with cancer, my job funding going away, starting a new job, adding a cat to the mix, my father’s subsequent illness and surgery, getting my father into care and selling his house – seemed to keep tripping me up.

After a while I just started deleting the emails, because it made me feel so bad that everyone seemed able to do this except me. A month or so ago, as I went to delete, I saw a subject that read, “I work forty hours a week, how do I do the home blessing?” I paused and said, “Huh.” When I thought about it, I realized that was my main problem, too. I had tried a number of ways to get the Home Blessing in – doing it on weekends, mostly, but I have so many errands and the weekly cooking to do on weekends that I always came up short. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to split it up over the week as FlyLady suggested, but I thought maybe I could do that.

The Zone for the week was the kitchen, and the first mission was clearing off the countertops and wiping them down. My kitchen is right off the garage, so everything tends to get dumped there on my way in. I had walked in recently and really looked at them and thought, “those counters look like a crazy person or a hoarder lives here.” Not entirely inaccurate, but since I had the day off, I had decided to do something about it, so then I thought, “my first mission is done – maybe I can do the Monday is mopping too, and then sort of see how the week goes.” It went okay.

The next few weeks weren’t perfect (oh, when she says “not perfect”, she actually means NOT PERFECT!!!!) but I seemed to be fairly steady. I held on through the Master Bath, Master Bedroom, Living/Dining Room, and suddenly we were in the kitchen again. I actually enjoyed little triumphs like cleaning out my cutlery drawer. Then I saw another email that talked about waiting to clean and organize because the house was in flux and realized that I was doing that too. Because of the job change, replacing my car, and all that was going on, I didn’t have the furniture I wanted and things set up the way I wanted, so I had sort of frozen everything in my mind, for handling another day. I thought, “I really have to start reading these emails.” And I did. I can’t get over how much better my house looks.

Now when I see a little ickiness I tend to reach out and clean it right then and there. I just ordered an pretty tray for organizing the stuff on my bathroom vanity, and I am hopeful (as opposed to previously despairing) that my house may be pretty clean and pleasant by the year’s end, and that I will no longer be a victim of CHAOS (sp perfect – that always makes me laugh!)

Thank you – I just can’t tell you how much this means.

Melissa in New York



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