I Kept Getting Messages

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been fluttering on and off for less than a year…mostly off but occasionally I get my fanny in gear again.

I had ordered your Dryer Lint Kit several months ago and it sat in its box on my laundry room floor. I kept getting messages about needing to actually use it if you have it and last weekend while my husband was taking a nap I unpacked it from the box, got out the vacuum cleaner and went to work.

It got out a little from the lint screen area, I was impressed by how deep the brush and the flat hose nozzle were able to get…way down deep. With the round brush I was able to get about half way up my metal dryer hose, the hose is too cramped to get any higher…it pulled a little amount out but then I started on the vent that goes down through the floor. I would put the hose down there and it kept bringing stuff up so I got my flashlight…..whoa!!! It was packed solid down there.

It was actually too much for the dryer kit to handle! I got out our grabber, you know one of those things you can reach up to a high shelf with, and put that down the vent. I kept grabbing hold of big piles of lint…some of it was all matted together and hard. No wonder our dryer was taking so long to dry!!!

I got everything down to the curve of the pipe, I hoped that there wasn’t too much around the curve that I couldn’t get to. A couple years ago I had unscrewed the screen to the outside dryer vent so I knew that it curved in just a few inches and I would not be able to get anything in it from that side. I filled a bathroom waste basket 3/4 full of lint. It was impressive!!

I took it in and woke up my husband and showed it to him. He was impressed. Oh, and by the way, our dryer now completely dries a load of laundry in just one cycle.

Thank you FlyLady for continuing to gently nag me about using the kit so that I did finally get up and do it. Your e-mails are a blessing to me.

FlyBaby Anne from Ohio

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