I No Longer Feel Like a Failure

Hello FlyLady,heart

In my desperation to find an app or something to help me climb out of my clutter I came across your site.

When I say you saved my life I am not saying this lightly.

I am a perfectionist;  clutter and mess irritate me to no end. Yet with my busy career and own business on the side I felt like I was always too tired to clean and tidy on my work days!  I deserved to rest and not do any cleaning on my days off.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you where that got me when it came to my home.

The worst part was that I lived with the impression that I was the only one who couldn’t keep up. That I was alone in this and there must be something seriously wrong with me because I couldn’t manage the simplest task of keeping my home clean. I began to distance myself from friends and family on my work days since my house was too much of a mess to have someone over. On my days off, I’d cancel plans because I was too busy cleaning my house which I did because it seemed to be too much work.

I was always all or nothing. If I don’t have the energy to clean my entire home top to bottom in one go then I’m not even going to start. I found myself not even getting out of bed some days because I felt too overwhelmed to face the messy house. This state effected my entire being in a detrimental way.

When I came across your site and read some of the getting started messages I immediately felt like someone understood exactly what I was going through and that I wasn’t alone in this struggle against clutter.

When I listened to your advice and let go of being a perfectionist and wanting to catch up. It was as though my life was given back to me. Every day I read the FlyLady emails I find statements I can relate to 100% and I can put into action to better my life.

It’s only been less than a week but the improvements I’ve seen in my home are astounding! Even with my busy schedule I am able to keep up with daily tasks and I have been able to let go of the need for perfection and catching up.

Most importantly I no longer feel useless.  I no longer feel alone and like someone who is failing at life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

FlyBaby Adrienn

Friday is the Last Day! Don’t Procrastinate!


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