Young@Heart: Shift Happens

How good are you at accepting change? Thank God most change happens gradually! Hey if weren’t for photography, we wouldn’t realize how much we change. Only when an ancestor left his cave family for a couple of years and returned after a hunting expedition would the family say, “Hey Barney, you’ve changed!”

But now photos blatantly show we change a lot from decade to decade. We all know change is inevitable. Shift happens! The older we get the more we have to experience change and whether we go with the flow or try to paddle up stream, the changes keep taking place.

We spend our lives on this physical plane losing what was, to what is. By the time we’re old, we’ve lost our grandparents, our parents and many friends. We’ve said goodbye to each stage our bodies have gone through and those of our children.  But when we choose to be joyful in letting go, and we can do that, we get to greet our now with positive expectation that all is well.

Saying goodbye does not have to be sad. We’ve all had practice being sad at goodbyes, after all, they’re the saddest parts of books and movies. But goodbyes can be happy if we want them to! Have you ever been to a happy funeral? Usually when a happy person who had a happy life passes, he leaves happy people in his wake. And when the families involved understand that life is eternal, there is such joy in knowing that person isn’t gone he’s just different.

Krishnamurti said, “If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset.” Eckart Tolle said, “Worry pretends to be necessary, but serves no purpose.” Could worry be attached to our unwillingness to let go and trust that everything is alright. We have the power in any given moment to stop worrying and know that mighty in the midst of us is God.

Once when I was a young, single mother of three small children, I was consumed with worry over finances. The thought, ‘How am I going to make my mortgage payment?’ was like a majorette, holding a baton, marching backward and blowing a whistle to the on-coming band of worry thoughts ready to move in and play their parts about my financial situation. I thought about those people who jumped off buildings when the Great Depression hit and the stock market crashed. I could understand how they felt.

I went out on the deck off my second story bedroom and looked out over my yard with blinded eyes of worry and all I said was, “I need peace.” INSTANTLY my worry disappeared! Parade over!

The band was gone! I was shocked by the instantaneous speed of my transformation in thinking as I was left standing in complete peace. I’ve used that statement, “I need peace,” many times since that day and it works most of the time. I think Nelly my inner child tends to be the worrier and I as the adult I have to first recognize that I am worrying, before I can do something about what’s really behind it. Just think how you would comfort a child who is worried about something. You’d say, “It’s alright. You’re okay, everything is going to be alright.”

Marty Dow one of my subscribers sent this lovely positive thought:
“Don’t be afraid of the challenges in your life… They are your greatest opportunities for transformation!”

Many years ago, when I was newly divorced with three children, I worried about every bill, but through the years, I discovered that God would provide each and every step of the way, so I developed great faith as I dealt with the trials. I am always taken care of, and I need not worry.”

Since we are always taken care of, then our job is to let go of what was so that what is can be present in its fullness. Life is good!

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