Practically Life Changing

Dear FlyLady and Team:FBad

I recently purchased your new Ultimate Value Package and I.Love.It! This is my first purchase of any of your tools and products and they have been practically life changing. Yes, that sounds a bit dramatic, but its true! I’m fairly sure that if I have a purple rag, a rubba scrubba, and some baking soda I can conquer anything. (Side note- who knew that your 5th grade science project will become your greatest cleaning asset??). If you want a novel I can give a full review of every product, but I doubt you have time for that, so I’ll just say if you are looking to dive into the Fly tools this is a great way to start as it gives a taste of everything!

I do have one idea that I haven’t seen shared in your other testimonials (though maybe I just missed it). My favorite deep cleaning tool at the moment is to take my purple rag and wrap it around my rubba scrubba. It then becomes the perfect combo of needing to scrub in the edges but still wipe the large surfaces all at the same time, plus the handle allows me better reach into the tall corners! I just detail cleaned the entire area around my kitchen window, including the window tracks, surrounding wall, and caulked edges, and I’ve never seen it look this good (or be this easy to accomplish!)


A FlyTool convert!

FlyLady here: The price of the Ultimate Value Package goes up from its introductory offer of $89.95 to $99.95 on Saturday. Don’t procrastinate! All the items in the package; individually sell for $130.17. 

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