Act Your Wage

Dear Pam,

I’ve been reading the testimonials for your Get Out of Debt book for probably a year and on June 1st I ordered it never dreaming I would write a testimonial (I don’t write fan letters) but so much has happened since I listened to it.  The biggest thing is I met Nina my inner child and found out she was behind my putting off getting the book!  You were so right about my inner child not wanting to know what’s going on with our finances because it would mean big changes for me and she liked things just the way they were because she was in charge.

I heard Dave Ramsey say, “Act your wage.”  It made me laugh because I was not only not acting my wage I was not acting my age when it came to the way I handle money.  I was never taught a thing about how to be mature with my income and I haven’t been teaching my dear children either, but that’s all in the past.  I love the chapter on teaching your children and of course I’m not ready for that until we get our acts together.  Thank you for making this fun!

Nora Yost


Pam here:  I am like Nora, I didn’t teach my children about money and if I had it to do over, I would have.  She still has the opportunity and that is exciting to me.  The chapter I wrote about teaching your children to save and budget will help you get your children to have fun with their future incomes.  No one needs to go through the pain of credit card debt and by teaching our children financial responsibility they will benefit throughout their lives.

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