I Was Being Silly

Dear FlyLady,

I keep trying to fly. Somedays good some pretty poor. Got products at Christmas from Hubby. Learning how to use all the floor goodies, rubba sweeper, the red dust mop and the other mop. We have all tile floors and pets so I’m enjoying them too. Purple rags however are by far my favorite. But what I wanted to really share was my DH kept saying the dryer lint kit was not needed and I was being silly.

Today he said he would just clean out. He looked into the vent and it was clogged. Then I heard him say, you just might be right on this one. It is packed and I can’t get it all. I just ordered the dryer lint kit for him to clean it out. Thanks for helping teach us all the stuff you do.

I’m a much better housekeeper now at 59 than I ever was. I came upon your site because I was looking for something to help organize me a year ago. Some habits are really habits now.  All three bathrooms are always clean with my swish and swipe. I am getting better on the shine your sink at night. I am working on hotspots now and try to do routines. I do work full time so split my home blessing.

Thanks again.

FlyBaby K.

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