House Fairy Helps Kids Pitch In

Dear House Fairy,

I made an appointment with you last year, looking for a fun way to motivate my children.

The reward came this week. We’re in the process of leaving my abusive marriage. It took a lot.  My mom moved back to my area from Mexico. She was able to accomplish selling or giving away everything that wouldn’t fit in 4 suitcases in less than a month – because she’d already simplified. Mom got here 3 weeks ago. She’s already in her apartment in town – it’s small & simple, but she’s set.

Now it’s my turn. My kids were able to pack up the things they care about – and “visit” my mom and my youngest sister in a 1-bedroom apartment, and I’ll be with them tomorrow if all goes well. A friend is helping me pack & load everything else I want to take tomorrow, when my husband is off hunting. We’ll be working to rapidly find a home for me and my 3 kids. House Fairy has been a blessing since it’s really enhanced my children’s abilities and willingness to pitch in.



House Fairy here:
I’m so glad I was able to help Amy’s children to pitch in at such a critical time in this little family’s life. My prayers go with them to include the troubled father.

I hope I can help your children to be inspired to pitch in and help in your home. To “make an appointment” Click Here!

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