Wowza! That’s Cold!

Hello FlyLady,I don’t even consider myself a flybaby I am so new, I am more like a fly embryo at the moment. I recently started following you, I have honestly never started anything and stuck to it until now. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a clean sparkling sink each morning.

So recently I bought a few FlyLady products, one item was the 16oz water bottle, WOWZA, it keeps my water so cold there is still ice in the bottle the next day. Because the water is so cold it makes me want to drink the amount of water I need each day.

I bought most of the cleaning brushes and used one this past weekend to clean my dirty shower (not been able to get this shower clean for 7 years). The little hand held purple brush cleaned the soap scum off without a lot of effort. CLEAN SHOWER. I am in LOVE!

Sherry Brown


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