Laugh Together and Save Your Marriage

Dear FlyLady,

You have saved me so many times since I was an overwhelmed Mom of 2 toddlers many years ago. The list is impressive. You saved me from embarrassment, from debt, from fear, from worry and especially from guilt. My kids are thankful to you, my husband is thankful to you and even if I’m not always soaring, I flutter the best I can everyday.

We have been married for 30 years and the last daughter is about to leave home. We had a major marriage crisis recently and fate dropped me some YOUTUBE videos that were invaluable (Mark Gingor’s ‘Laugh your way to a happier marriage’). I can’t believe I hadn’t ‘gotten it’ after 30 years. He is responsible for pulling us back from the brink of divorce and I had to share it because you inspired me to share it with my husband 15 minutes at a time which worked like a charm.

I would be over the moon with joy if you would share his videos with the other flybabies. We don’t have to have broken hearts or broken families. And it is always good to laugh together.

We are planning a trip to your part of the USA next year and am going to set the dates so I see you LIVE at least once as well as stocking up on your water bottles and other wonderful supplies.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good you do.

A Flybaby who is Happily married after 30 years together,


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