Just As I Am

I received this note from a sister Washingtonian and thought I’d share her success with you.

Hey Pam,

Just finished reading your book and I want you to know, this is the first fan mail I’ve ever written in my whole life. (I’m 43).
I read a lot of self help books and most get recycled quickly. This book will stay with me forever. It is very uplifting and positive and we need this kind of literature today! You keep everything so simple and your examples crack me up!
Thank you for writing as if you know me. I was touched again and again and have picked the room I’m starting in to bring more peace.
Your gentle soothing encouragement has given me an opening in my heart to love the person I am, just as I am.
Beth in Ellensburg

I’ve written nine books and The Joy of Being Disorganized was absolutely my favorite book to write! The response has been incredible. Just like Beth’s note to me, most SHEs are seeing themselves in a new light after reading it.

When we stop trying to be something we’re not, and start appreciating the way we are and who we are, our lives (and consequently our homes) change for the better. What we really want is peace and stress-free living. We’re not homemakers we’re peacemakers. In the book, I give you a simple to follow peace plan. It’ll have you going room-by-room establishing peace in each space.

In my quest to get SHEs to appreciate their disorder I have many stories about time I’ve spent with celebrities like Oprah and Katie Couric (both SHEs). In the book I have a list of famous people who are SHEs and they have a common secret. You can probably guess what it is, but to know for sure, you’ll have to read the book.

My prayer is that you establish peace in your home and in your heart and get organized just enough to please you.


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