All The Pieces Fit Together

Dearest FlyLady,
Where do I start? Your system has helped me so much! I began years ago, with the Slob-Sisters and the 3×5 card file system. I was only a teenager then, but growing up in total CHAOS with parents who were hoarders…I knew I would need some help to get myself out of that.



Fast forward many years, and I am a 40-something happily married mother of 2 (DD12 & DS9), and while I have struggled to keep everything in its place at times, my home is not the out of control mess that I grew up in. I’m not “perfect”…I still have clutter here & there, though most of it is stashed away and I am slowly getting through it.(In Baby Steps). My children CAN have their friends over, something I never could do growing up. It is thanks to YOU!

At one point, when my children were very young and I was a SAHM, I felt the CHAOS taking over and I just couldn’t keep up with everything…so in looking for my card file & slob sisters book to try & start over…I was happy to find your website. I bought Sink Reflections and have read it over and over. Shined my sink, made my control journal, etc. And while I never fully followed ALL of the routines, etc…I followed enough to not let CHAOS reign.

A few months back I started reading things in your emails about your sister Paddi’s book “Hidden Treasures”…and at first, I thought it really wasn’t for me. But then a testimonial came through that made me feel like I just HAD to read this book

. My copy arrived 2 days ago, in the middle of a snow storm (obviously a blessing, as we had a snow day from school and I could throw in a load of laundry and sit down with some coffee and read, read, read!!) Well, I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!!

I’ve read the whole thing cover to cover. It is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I laughed, I cried, and I could totally relate!! And I feel like it has made me understand the system in a whole new way and want to follow it so much more!! I don’t know what it is…something about the way the book was written…that it really spelled it all out in such a personal, real way!! AND, it made me realize that although I have followed enough of the system to keep most of the CHAOS away…I haven’t fully done it FOR ME…and I am not fully FLYing…so…I think I might just start over again with the 31 BabySteps and follow the WHOLE thing!!! And I’m just going to jump back in where you are!

Somehow, Hidden Treasures put it all together for me in a way that made me understand the Monthly Focus, the BabySteps…Paddi just made all of the pieces fit together and seem so much more do-able!! Thank you FlyLady, thank you Paddi, thank you to the whole FlyCrew!! And, please, keep telling all of your Flybabies to read Hidden Treasures!!IT TRULY IS A TREASURE and should be required reading to everyone who is not B.O.!!

My sink is shining, my laundry is done and put away, and I’m heading to bed at a decent hour! Thanks so much for all you do!

Finally FLYing in NJ.




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