Moving Helped Me Declutter

Dear FlyLady,

My DH and I moved into a new home a month and a half ago.   We left a home that we loved and raised our daughter in but it was filled with years clutter and dog hair after 13 years.  We have 2 dogs and a cat, two of which shed really bad and are white!!

The new home is awesome and  has hardwood floors, no more dog hair stuck in carpet, right?  When moving I decluttered.  I didn’t take the things I didn’t plan to use.  I threw away, or gave a way most stuff but still have things to sale on eBay.

I was still stressing about the new home not getting in the mess the old one did with pet hair everywhere and clutter.   I was working myself to death!   After 2 weeks at my new home a friend at work introduced me to the FlyLady!

I’m been baby stepping ever since!  I have morning and evening routines down with Swishing and Swiping the bathroom!  I’m working on the whole house blessing but today you gave me the answer… 10 to 20 minutes every morning!  I get to work early for no reason and that would definitely give me the time.   I still struggle with pet hair on the floors but I’m going to get a FlyLady Mop and hopefully get it under control.   My DH has commented on the house being so clean and how nice it was staying!  I plan to order more tools to keep me going and  Flying!

Thank you FlyLady!!

Sheri from SC

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