Get Busy on the Next Book

By Wife at House of Bark “HOB wife”

This story is amazing. A whole lot of elements (no pun intended), and they all add up to AMAZING!!!!!!!

I’m with others who have said: get busy on the next book. I love when I get to the end and want to read the next one RIGHT NOW!!!! I don’t mind not hearing what happens to Bart and friends, Cilley has left us with the feeling that everyone has been taken care of. But I am aching for another great read from this great new writer.

By Sparklyone


I was not expecting a read that would draw me in so much. A very enjoyable escape from every day living. I couldn’t put it down. Would make a great vacation read!


Drew me into the story right off the bat

By T. Fox


This is Robert Cilley’s first foray into fictional writing, and I hope it is not his last fiction book. I was immediately pulled into the story in chapter 1. He does a good job with character development. Robert’s experience with the law as a retired judge shows through in the details of the story. His southern charm and ability to tell a story shines through in this book. His knowledge of history, particularly Middle East history, is showcased in this book.

There are places in the book with coarse language. I enjoyed the action and suspense of the storyline coming together at the end. I would recommend it for those who like a good mystery with lots of southern charm.
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