It Is So Handy

Dear FlyLady,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your dish towels. It is so handy with the day of the week on them. I’ve had a traumatic brain injury and have memory problems, and despite checking my calendar all day, I still forget the day! So having a towel designated for every day makes my life SO much easier. Plus my knowing my family has a towel that’s clean to dry their hands or use to dry a dish or something is such an ease for my mind- because I can NEVER remember what towel I’ve used for what otherwise! And I’ve had them over a year and they’ve stayed in very good shape! Now, if I can only keep my sweet husband from just grabbing my designated “clean” towel for messes, we will be doing good. But they are great for messes too because of their size, that’s probably why he grabs them. Thanks for making great products!

Flying in Louisiana
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