I Don’t Watch The News

If you haven’t been reading my blogs, then you don’t know that I don’t watch the news. I quit on September 11, 2001. My husband, Terry, has his degree in journalism and was a television anchor for years, in California, so I get my news from him. He knows how sensitive I am to bad news. If we pass an accident on the freeway, I NEVER look, I just pray, knowing God is there with everyone involved, including the EMTs.

I got this email from a lovely woman who shared that she quit watching the news too. She wrote about it so eloquently, I couldn’t wait to share her thoughts with you. I hope it convinces you to be very careful about what you let into your beautiful mind.

Dear Pam,

I have been overcoming some very big bad habits I’ve had for many years and I find that I am very vulnerable to bad negative inner voices. I have determined to not let them win. I get very overwhelmed and terrified by the “news” – my goodness, there is nothing new in the news, just horrible things that I can’t do a thing about. I have decided to keep bringing myself back to right here, right now (and leave the news to my husband who can handle it).

Who is in control – Me? No, this is not my world. My only job is me. What do I choose to do? I choose to do the next thing that is good and productive and kind. After that, can I change the world, or even another person? No. That is not my job. My job is to look around and see, what is the next right thing to do and to help where I can.

I keep going back to something I learned a long time ago but now I’m really trying to continually dwell in. I need to ask myself this: Who’s business is this? Is it God’s business, someone else’s business or is it my business?

If it’s God’s business, well, I do think He’s up to handling that.If it’s someone else’s business – then I need to mind my own business – plenty to keep me busy there!
If it’s my business, is there something I can do about it? If I can, then do it, if not…well, it’s God’s business.

Anyway, thanks for being there and being so cheerful and cute and tooting the happiness horn!

Have a lovely day!

Lisa’s email was in response to my suggestion to cut out the news for a week and instead read, The Happiness File, and see what happens to your happiness quotient.

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