The Happiness File

 Dear Friends,

Do you ever stop to think why you chose the friends you have, including your mate? For the most part, I’ve chosen friends who are positive, creative, fun-loving, passionate and optimistic about life, yet I have a few people in my life who are negative and if I give them too much of my time and energy, I can get pulled down in the mud with them.

I love it when I “have” to be around such people to see how I can pull them out of their mud holes, even if it’s just for the few minutes or hours I have to spend with them. It takes a lot of energy and I choose to stay away as much as possible.

I was married to a very negative person for 15 years and I honed a valuable skill. I learned to tune him out just as you do by changing the radio from FM94 to FM104. Since I couldn’t go up to him and tweak his nose and turn him into a positive person, I pretended his voice was coming from the wrong station and since I couldn’t switch stations I had to ignore him until I could get away from his anger. I learned so much about myself while in that marriage and the lessons were invaluable.

This woman had a similar marriage and I love how she changed by being in it.

Dear Pam,

In the Happiness File when you shared your experiences living with a negative man for 15 years and reading how you were able to get out of that situation, not only untarnished, but stronger and happier for it, I was inspired to face my demons; fear of what people would say, fear of surviving financially and the biggest fear that God would be mad at me because I promised HIM I’d marry forever.


What I’ve realized since I filed for divorce is that God wants me to be happy as much as he wants my husband to be happy. We weren’t happy, in fact we were mean and miserable to each other! I never saw that as making God mad! I still have a lot to learn, but don’t we all? I’m just taking one happy baby step at a time. Thank you for writing such an inspired book!

The Happiness File has helped thousands of women achieve their priority of being happy. The prescription starts with being grateful for your life and that you’ve been given this day with a choice to be happy. It takes practice, because we are bombarded with what’s wrong with everything.

Right now, your heart is beating, you can breathe and in this moment you have free will to surround yourself with positive people. My suggestion is to stop watching the news and just for a week, read or listen to The Happiness File and see what happens.







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