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Dear Flylady,

Thank you for making my Saturday “fun”!  By fun, I mean surprising me with the tools I ordered from you three days early and giving me inspiration to get through another Saturday that my husband has to work.  I am so grateful that he has Sundays and most holidays off, but Saturdays are largely void of fun until 5 or 6 PM.  It will be this way until he finishes his bachelor’s in May, and likely until he finds a job in his field.

I just decluttered my “rustic hutch” for 15 minutes.  It is about half done, and none of the STUFF is put away yet, but it’s like a shiny sink in my bedroom–I really, really, don’t want anything that doesn’t belong there to be there!


I received purple, bronze, and silver rags in a bag, two 12 oz. water bottles, and the drain cannon just before I started my load of laundry for the day.  I live in an apartment complex with a shared washer and dryer in the basement, and I don’t like taking chances with our socks, especially my baby daughter’s socks, so I threw all of the socks in the bag!  That freed up my lingerie bags so things had more room.  So thank you for such a useful “freebie”!

As for the rags–they are fantastic.  I cleaned my trombone for the first time in months (I haven’t been playing it much, even though my daughter will go to sleep and stay asleep while I play to her), and it’s the cleanest it could ever get!  It’s a 60-year-old Conn, a real collector’s item, and I feel like I have been neglecting it.  It was so nice to sit down, watch Flylady TV, and clean my dear old friend.  Then I realized–I can easily make this a part of my weekly routine!  I can put trombone maintenance and practice into my daily routine!  Why it has taken me so long to realize this, I don’t know–I’ve had inklings of it, certainly, but I don’t have posted reminders of it in my bathrooms or kitchen.  When I finish this email, I will be posting my trombone reminders and a decluttering reminder.

The rags also work really well on the terrible porous pain in our kitchen, the type no one can really clean.  I was about ready to repaint them, but the rags mean my walls will get clean and stay that way, so you probably saved me about $50 on a paint job that I couldn’t take with us when we move.  They also removed old paint spatters from a sloppy paint job.

Thankfully, I haven’t had to try the cannon on one of our terrible toilets, yet, but it is SUCH a relief to have a reliable way to unclog a toilet without overflowing the toilet or having to submit a maintenance request.  I may actually try it out before I “have” to, just to see if I can improve the draining speed.

I hope you don’t think I’m wasting my Saturday on chores, and I promise I won’t do too much more cleaning today.  Really, I have just been playing with my new and old toys, and keeping up with flybaby step missions!  I cannot wait to see what other inspiration FLYing will give me!  Thank you so, so much.  I feel like I have a chance at making my dreams reality.

Flybaby Beth


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