Purge the Paper Clutter

Dear Friends,

Has your home become a depository for junk mail, newspapers and magazines? Every flat surface in your home becomes a display for these pieces of paper we don’t have time to deal with. Do you hear that? We don’t think we have time so we pile things up till they spill over onto the other flat surface in your home; the floor!

Your flat surfaces have become breeding grounds for papers. We have all seen just one piece of paper multiply to hundreds in a single day! This was all because we couldn’t say no to procrastination.

It is time to take control of these hot spots! Set your timer! This week we are going to Purge our Paper Clutter! Let’s recycle and toss as much as we can.

Start with one flat surface!

Here is the amazing part of clearing the paper clutter from your flat surfaces! Your home will look clean when the paper clutter has been banished!

Paper clutter is everywhere: Kitchen counters, coffee tables, dining table, night stands, dressers, bags hiding in your closets, receipts stuffed in kitchen drawers, desk drawers, purses, brief cases, and filing cabinets.

Right now we are going to focus on the surface clutter! This is the clutter that is right in front of your face! Don’t start pulling out drawers and bags from the closets. Start with what you see; these are the piles that make your home feel messy and cause you to panic when the doorbell rings.

You have treasures hiding in these piles! Set your timer for 15 minutes and go clear off your dining table!

When you get the surface clear put a pretty vase on the area to keep you from placing another piece of paper there.

Are you ready to FLY without all this paper holding you back!


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