This Book Passed The Test

By Roselyn Jewell

No description on the book itself. If I’d have picked this up in a book store, I would have put it right back down. They say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but that is all a person has to go on with the physical book. The amazon description of the story was cute, and would have been better than nothing on the book itself. Also, the “others” (you’ll meet them) apparently really like all the ends tied up. The “romance” (actually, there were several) referenced in the description were pre-ordained by the “others” and felt like it. It doesn’t take away from the story though.

Everyone gets his and her just desserts. The characters were enjoyable. The ride was fun. The romances are sweet asides to the story, like the cherry atop a cake. It’s a longish book, which could be listed as a con, but as I enjoyed the entire ride, I was in no hurry for it to end.

The plot was twisting enough to keep me guessing and not so tangled that I lost my way. Somebody complained that the plot made no sense and the ending was particularly bad. I disagree. I found it hard to predict where it would go next but easy to understand once it got there. The ending made perfect sense by the end. Everybody looks at me funny when I say that, so let me explain. I tend to read the first and last pages before reading the book itself, to avoid books where the good guys die horribly or where the plots are so bad that you can predict the whole plot based off those two pages. This book passed both those tests. The good guys live, and the ending doesn’t make a lick of sense through most of the book but it does once you actually read everything in the right order. I even had to go back and read the prologue and first chapter again once I figured out what it was referencing, sort of like watching “The Sixth Sense” the second time.

I would buy another book from this author if he wrote another one. He won’t be listed in anyone’s future Great American Lit classes, but he gave an enjoyable read. I recommend this author and will buy his next one.

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