It Blows My Mind

pam1Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about the mystical and magical aspects of life as I write yet another book, which is almost finished! The working title is How to Live Happily Ever After: according to Cinderella.

This thing we call life is so miraculous and there’s so much of it that goes on over our heads and right under our noses. There was no way for my sister and I to know that this woman in rural Texas would be affected by we wrote. It just truly blows my mind.

Hi Pam,

In the early 80’s I lived on a farm in Texas and had birthed 7 of my 8 kids, the oldest was in college. I had been a teacher but was then staying home, writing articles, columns, and feature stories, and trying to raise my kids ‘the old way’ on a self-sustaining farm. I found your SHE [Sidetracked Home Executive] book via the mail order library out of San Antonio.

I immediately got a spiral notebook and colored index cards and did exactly what you all said to do. Within a couple of weeks my life had changed forever. My house was quite tidy by 9 am every day! I lived my day “off” and the flexibility of switching a day when needed! It was so liberating! I can’t thank you enough for the freedom your book gave me!

I recommend it to everyone I know who struggles with being organized! I’m 71 now with about 30 grand kids, live on a Texas farm with three of my kids and their families (separate houses). I homeschool two of my grands, having finally fully retired from teaching, and I work part time at a library in the children’s section. I traveled and taught in Texas, Arkansas, and the Alaskan bush. But Texas is my home and I’m here for the duration. Thanks again for helping me when I so desperately needed it!

Mary Elizabeth Hunt

My latest book The Joy of Being Disorganized was written to help SHEs celebrate and love the fact that they are sidetracked by nature. It’s a blessing! If you don’t think so, get the book and you’ll change your mind. I want you to get organized just enough to please you! That book also contains the 3×5 card file system Mary Elizabeth used!

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