The Joy of Being Disorganized Changed My Life

Dear Pam,

I’ve been struggling to be organized for years and when I saw your book on Amazon and read all the wonderful testimonials, I bought it, even though the title seemed bizarre to me. [The Joy of Being Disorganized.] I thought, how could being disorganized possibly be a joy? I hate it!! I buried myself in the book. I laughed and cried and laughed some more and when I turned the last page, I realized I was a different person! Still me, but because of what I realized in your book, I am a wonderful person and a lot (most) of the chaos in my life has been because of how I’ve felt about me. I put myself down and put organized people up on a pedestal.

Thank you for writing this book! Things are going to change around here, but now I know the missing ingredient was a happy me.

Jessica Richland


Pam here: The Joy of Being Disorganized doesn’t give anyone license to be undisciplined in the work that needs to be done in a home on a daily basis. Its message is focused on the brilliance, talent, love, compassion and wisdom I’ve found in every disorganized woman I’ve met in my 37-year career helping women get organized. As I’ve promoted my new book, my joy is to see the spark in a young, disorganized mom’s eyes when I tell her how gifted she is to be disorganized. Your disorder is a gift and I hope you know that. Also, you are not a housekeeper, you’re a peacekeeper and since clutter is the main destroyer of peace, the first step is to reduce it little-by-little and I show you exactly how.

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