Relearning How to Play

I am giving you an assignment! Go outside and play with your children just like you were one of them! Playing is not a sedentary activity! Watch your children play they really know how to get in to it! If you don’t have a child, then borrow one from a family member or take your dog out to play! Go to the park, fly a kite, play tag, pitch a ball, or play hide and seek! Children are filled with energy and so are your pets! That energy can be contagious if you are laughing and having fun with the babies!

If only we could act more like children! Once I took my ipad with me to visit my Mother-in-law for her 98th birthday. My sister-in-law Robin loves art. I showed her my Crayola App and we started to color.

When was the last time you sat down to just color, draw, play music, sing, paint or whatever your talent is! I have heard from lots of you that as your home got in order you were able to start your passion again. I am so proud of you!

When our homes are cluttered and CHAOS reigns supreme, we don’t have time to do the things that fulfill us! So that gets put on the back burner and the flame begins to die! That little flame is the passion that is inside of you! How sad that we have hidden our little light under a bushel basket all because we don’t think we have time!

So what is your talent? I never knew what mine was until I got my home in order! I always knew I could do anything I set my mind to do, but I never knew my talent was in writing and motivating! It was only 4 months after I started my routines that I began writing! It even shocked me! At that time I was still caught up in my perfectionism and wanted it to be just perfect before I would let anyone see it. It is much more fun now! I write to my hearts content and give it to the world every day! It may have mistakes, but no one is perfect and I feel great about the message. If you can’t see past the mistakes then you are still stuck in your perfectionism! Please don’t unsubscribe! You need those flawed messages more than anyone! Eventually something will click inside of you and you will not get caught up in the editing of my words but you will take them to heart and use them to help you!

Clutter does not bless our homes! It is a villain that comes to rob us of our passion, love, money and time! Let go of your clutter and find yourself with more time than you ever dreamed possible. It is hard work organizing clutter that is why I say that you cannot organize clutter; you can only get rid of it! That goes for the clutter in your brain too!

This villain comes into your home and holds you hostage forever; unless you get wise to his evil intentions and toss him out on his ear! Clutter slips in unexpected and slowly adds more clutter to your home! It robs you of your energy! Oh let’s do a little test! Just clean off the coffee table in your living room. Go spend 5 minutes doing it. Now make it completely clear; no what-nots; just a clear space! Feather Dust the table or wipe it down. It has been a while since you have seen that surface! Now stand back and look at it! How does that make you feel? Next start putting stuff back on it till it begins to feel uncomfortable! I wager that after about 3 items you stop yourself, because is doesn’t look good, but the truth is how it makes you feel inside is why you really stop!

We become immune to our clutter! Yesterday one of our member’s husbands had the nerve to tattle on his wife for her hot spots! He wanted me to address the issue of picking up after ourselves. Well I was not too happy with this husband and asked him if he were perfect! I have always had this problem. I get something out and it becomes a project that I am going to come back to later! Then it just stays there! We are SHEs and this is part of us. We are learning to do better! It takes practice not nagging to help us change!

Today I am going to look around my house for those projects that haven’t been finished! Then put a few things away. But it is not because some whiny husband complained to me! It is because I choose to!

Are you ready to FLY with me to a healthier and happier heart!

{{{HUGS}}} to you all!


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