Turned Upside Down

Dear FlyLady,

I ordered a few tools from your shop. I am taking BabySteps to get familiar with them.

First,a little back round about myself. I have a sixteen year old DD who is a typical teenager. I have been separated from my husband since October 2006. My divorce just became final this past January.

My life has been turned upside down and I am just trying to get it back on track with your help. The calendar is on my refrigerator with my doctors appointments, my DD’s school activities, my girl’s night out and my hostess club . It really helps me remember my appointments in one place at a glance.

I started reading Sink Reflections and it’s wonderful!

The real reason I am writing this is because of the dryer kit. I had no idea about checking or changing the dryer vent hose. I do check and clean my lint filter every time I dry a load of laundry. So I thought, how bad could it be? I wasn’t sure how to do this but I was going to give it my best.

Well, you wouldn’t believe what I found. I couldn’t even imagine how bad it was. I took the hose off the back of the dryer and it was literary BLOCKED WITH LINT! I am so thankful that FlyLady brought this to my attention because it was just a fire waiting to happen.

I can’t express my gratitude in words. Thank you FlyLady!!! This saved my house, my daughter and myself. Not to mention, I live in a townhouse and this saved my neighbors as well. You are an angel!!!!

I was so moved by this, my neighbor came home while I was outside taking a coffee brake. I told her about your site and the dryer problem. She said she will check out your web site and ask her husband about the dryer vent!!

Wow!!! Thanks again FlyLady!!!

Dryer FlyBaby

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