Earning Money With Purple Tools

Dear FlyLady,

The end of July last year I realized that I would not have enough money to buy school supplies & clothes for 3 growing girls (13, 10, 7) the 13 yr. old becoming fashion conscious.

I asked my girls if they would like to have a window washing business in August.

They would each get some cash from each house they did. They readily agreed and I set up a day to practice on our house. I ordered the purple rags & rubba scrubbas – but they didn’t arrive in time for our practice.

I sent the 10 year old in with rags to do the inside, with instructions & some initial help, the rest of us were outside working. After 5 min. she came out and said, “it is too hard.” We all stayed outside & at the end I sent the 13 yr. old in with the 10 yr. old, the 13 yr. old washed, the 10 yr. old dried behind her. It worked.

Our first “job” was on a Tues. afternoon. At 11am the purple rags arrived; I washed them out in the sink immediately and hoped they would dry some. I showed the 10 yr. old how they worked. When we arrived at our house to wash windows she grabbed the purple rags and said she would do the inside herself. She did an excellent job! We made over $700 total in Aug. and she did the insides with the purple rags, by herself, on almost all the houses! The 7 yr. old was able to do a great job on the parts she could reach with the purple rags, she also had the job of cleaning the outside window sills with the rubba scrubba, wet or dry it worked for her.

The clients were a little concerned at first when I sent the 10 yr. old in and she would just wet the rag in the kitchen sink and not use any chemical cleaners. But they were believers when we left!

I have quit buying paper towels and if i need to blot up grease from food I use a few coffee filters! The purple rags not only save us money but certainly earned us money this summer! My 10 year old thanks you too for your great products!

flying in WA


FlyLady here: This mom and her children have become entrepreneurs! I am so proud of them.


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