Let’s Go To Camp

Hi FlyLady.

I’ve just copied off the Camp Control Journal.
My children are both adult and away from home, but I’m going to adapt things and challenge myself.
I’ll run the camp for a few weeks, through the summer

I’d love to say 12 weeks, and I will try for that, but I have to be realistic πŸ™‚ Oh well, I know how to jump back in!

Ideally, I’ll do each of the monthly habits for a week, building week upon week – after all these years, and i’m still not regular with some of these things πŸ™
I can adapt the Camp Activity List to work for me, on my own: swimming or a land-based equivalent exercise; hiking or walking; arts & crafts, get back to my cross-stitching, or learn to use my inkle loom; story time or do a personal bible study; games or me time; scavenge hunt or 27-Fling Boogie; dancing or, well, more dancing!
I’ll need to have a meeting with myself to sort out the details, right enough LOL!


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