The House Fairy is Forever. . . and she’s cheap!

Dear Friends,

Being the original SHE (the first class I taught with my sister was called Lolly Gaggers Anonymous), I’ve been helping people get and stay organized for almost 40 years. Recently, I received an email from a woman who purchased, at a garage sale, that first book we wrote, Sidetracked Home Executives. Twenty-five cents and an hour later she was immersed in the possibility of getting organized. She told me she read the book in one sitting and when she finished it she was so excited to get started with the system.

On a hunch she Googled Sidetracked Home Executives and of course got my email address.  Her question stunned me!

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on getting someone to be the house fairy? I don’t have a sister to take turns playing house fairy like you two did.

I got to tell her the House Fairy has her own website and her children could get to know her and learn from her on the Internet! It made me wonder how many moms who are striving to get themselves organized and fall short on getting their children organized have never heard of the House Fairy.

Now more than 20,000 homes are House Fairy friendly! To learn more about the House Fairy and sign up for the program go to The basic program is $14.95 forever. There are no revolving charges. $14.95 FOREVER! (Even after the House Fairy croaks, the program will still be available.)

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