No Sugar Coated Approach

Dear FlyLady,

I am writing in hopes that you will get this message out about an unsuspecting dryer fire hazard. I have always kept a very clean dryer & hose etc.

Reading an e-mail from you this morning about taking off the front panel and clearing lint from there astonished me. I never knew it came off. Your e-mail said clean it right now; so without finishing the e-mail I got up & cleaned it.  While cleaning it I saw what seems like paint peeling as one strip from the side. I vacuumed there and it was not paint, but a large piece of paper. It was very difficult for me to get to but I was determined to pull it out ( I cut my wrist on the metal of the dryer; be careful!) When it finally let loose I discovered it was a large envelope that was singed in several places. I looked in side; it had the semi-burnt technical specs of the dry inside. I couldn’t believe it– before I opened it I thought that maybe it was an unsent Christmas card from years back (my CHAOS days). I am floored that the dryer company would place this very flammable item in such a place. When I finish this e-mail they are getting a letter & so is my Fire Department.

BTW in the vacuum was the same amount of stuff I get when vacuuming my living room (I have 2 heavy shedding dogs-so you can imagine how much that is).

Thank you for your all about business, no sugar coated approach of “get up & do it now!”.

Flying Lint-free in S. Calif 🙂


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