Thank You To Nelly, Pam’s Inner Child


Guess what? You’d be so proud of me this morning. Calvin [husband] was walking around growling about the basement was not cleaned up because he wants to do something down there. And I didn’t yell back like I used to do! I pointed to the card of when we do things and told him that next week was the week we work on the basement. I didn’t yell! I didn’t raise my voice! I am so proud of me!!!

All because of your book and setting up the weekly departments and having a card box! thank you thank you thank you

Love from me kisses kisses,

Sometimes Nelly gets fan mail from other inner children and Jane is one and has been corresponding with Nelly for a long time. She is referring to The Joy of Being Disorganized and her reference to departments is just another word for the zones.

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