FLYing Realistically For the Unorganized

By T. Hamrick (Georgia)

This book made me feel like I was meeting someone and getting to know them. By the time I finished the book, I had a great visual of what I would like my life to become, and I realized that it is up to me and only me to make the changes that will get me there. There are people who say that it’s just an advertisement for FlyLady but that is what makes it such a healthy read.

It’s telling you a story about two complete strangers who successfully changed their lives BECAUSE of FlyLady, and what jumping on the bandwagon can accomplish. I see nothing wrong with a book circling something so universally impacting as the FlyLady system.

You would agree if you knew how many lives, marriages, homes, families, jobs, etc. have been forever changed by someone happening across a simple reference to anything about it. I say boast when you’ve got something so obviously boast-worthy, they’re changing lives daily for the better.


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