Dropped and Still Keeps My Water Cold

Dear FlyLady, 

After four summers of lifeguarding and using my 16 ounce water bottles in the hot sun, in my car, for all sports, and yard work, I am finally, replacing them.  I have dropped them from the lifeguard stand, and washed them in the dishwasher at around 300 times.

I bought one new one in the spring and the only difference between the new one and my older one is that it is shiny and dent-free and keeps the ice and coldness over night. The old one still keeps the ice in it for about 4 hours at 84 degrees.

Then of course, being the SHE I am, I left it in a Cracker Barrel restaurant while traveling.  I hope I blessed someone else with it.  Now I have purchased two more 16 ounce water bottles and am looking forward to their arrival soon.

FlyBaby C.

FlyLady here; I am still using a couple of our original proto-type water bottles. We are discontinuing our 12 oz water bottle. We have them for only $10.00. Get them while they last. They are just the right size for your purse or your children’s backpack.

If your bottle has not had the vacuum busted; then it has probably lost the little round gasket in the screw top lid. Replacements are available. Just email Orders@flylady.net with WATER BOTTLE GASKET in the Subject Line. Kathy will help you!
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