You Need an Extra Hand

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

I’m a single gal who tries to fix what she can. I recently ordered the FlyLady Clog Cannon. My laundry tub drain clogged and I couldn’t do laundry. I tried plunging it until sweat dripped down my face. Then I tried Draino. NOTHING was working. I ordered the Clog Cannon.

First of all, the directions need to be more user friendly. Figuring out which way some of the attachments fit on was a challenge. I was pumping, per the picture, and nothing was happening.  I decided to pull the trigger, KABOOM! It blew the plug out of the other side of the double laundry sink, I was all wet, but it was still clogged. These are the old cement sinks with the small drains way in the inner corner. To top it off, the drains have built in X’s so the attachments cannot fit into the drain. I tried the larger attachment meant for toilets, but couldn’t get the grip tight enough, and it really didn’t line up correctly.

I gave up and wrote in to let you know this just doesn’t work for these old sinks.

My brother and nephew came to my rescue last night to replace my sump pump which had pooped out. I got the idea to show them my new “toy” (all with ulterior motives, of course, because I was already informed they could not help with the sink and didn’t even want to try). My nephew took an instant interest. My brother was amused just looking at the thing. After my instructions of how it works, my brother tried it, while holding down the connection with one hand, the other sinks plug with the other hand, and having my nephew pull the trigger. See, I had explained that I could not get a good enough connection. He was amused enough to try it twice (worrying after the first try that it was so powerful it might blow up our old pipes!). Well the second time did it!!!!! I’ve been fussing with this sink for over a week.

First thing he asked was, “Where did you get this thing and how much does it cost?”. Of course I mentioned FlyLady and told him it wasn’t very expensive. I just saved a lot on a Plumber, or saved my Dad from having to take the pipes apart and snake/clean them out (and this wouldn’t have happened for at least a couple of months when he would be in town).

Sorry for the long testimonial. I figured others might have old sinks like this and wonder how the Clog Cannon can work for them. I’m going to order one for my brother as a thank you for helping out with the sump pump, sink, and occasionally fixing things for me.

By the way, I LOVE your purple rags. Every time I’m out and see a restaurant cleaning the glass on their doors, I wish I had an extra one in my purse to whip out and demonstrate. I admit, I did tell a few of those people about them. I can’t help it, I’m addicted to FlyLady. I talk about you, and tell everyone I see about you, all the time. Now I just need to do “more doing” and “less talking”!

Thank you and your crew for all the encouragement and sharing these wonderful testimonials. They are inspiring and motivating.

Flybaby Julie
Fluttering in suburbs of Chicago


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