Finally Able to do Detailed Zone Cleaning

Dear FlyLady,

I finally reached a milestone for the first time in five years since we moved into our fixer-upper house… I was decluttered enough so I could do a Detailed Zone Cleaning in the Master Bedroom and Bathroom. I was and still am SO HAPPY!

The reason it took so long is clear to me.

Five years ago our family moved from the west coast to the east coast, and work provided a moving service. It took me many many 15 minutes at a time to get through every last one of the roughly 200 unlabeled boxes of 17 years of marriage accumulation, interrupted by surviving a bout of depression, a new baby, part-time school and a full time job. The movers even packed a box of newspapers from our garage. What a waste, since you pay by the pound with a moving company, and we stored our things for a couple of months while we house hunted.

But all that is behind me now, 15 minutes at a time!

My garage is clutter free now, not a storage unit you cannot walk around in with bugs and rodents! And if we ever move again, the only things that will be coming with us are things we need and love!

For the Detailed Cleaning last week, I enlisted my husband’s help and together we were able to accomplish so much to turn our bedroom into an Oasis! It is so clean and fresh looking now. I took down and washed the curtains, and dusted the rods–never done in five years. We got to all the cobwebs. We dusted the ceiling fan, and reversed the direction for summer (blowing down). We wiped down the windows, not being bothered by the fact that I wasn’t doing the outside too. We mopped our laminate floor, not worrying that we did it in stages as we moved around the furniture, and swept and mopped under the bed. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t that bad–no stray socks or anything!  Then we rotated the mattress with my 10 yo DS’s help (we have a pillow top, so we can’t flip it) and my husband has been saying that his back doesn’t hurt anymore. Yay!

We dusted the ceiling and the walls and the baseboards, painted all the little dings and scrapes, and was able to save the paint color from the unexpectedly rusted inside of the paint can and write the name of that color on the new platic jar (saves $$) !

We used the rubba scrubba for the lamp shades with great success, which also had not been done once in five years. We dusted the iron bed frame, wiped down all the furniture with purple rags and washed my knick knacks. I forgot how much I like the simple hand made bowls and pictures and things we have. It made me smile to have them clean. And I wiped down all our family photographs, and seeing my dear loved ones faces clearly, without dust, also made me smile!

Furthermore, we did not use even ONE paper towel, nor any bad chemicals, just my three purple rags. I was completely able to work around my 2 year old DS nap time, and did not even feel stressed about stopping! Our spackle was dried up, but I told my husband not to worry and no need to run out to the store, we’ll just work with what we have. Later on, he found an unopened can of spackle, so again saving $$! We never got to the walk in closet, but I told my husband not to worry, we’ll hit it next month when we are in the master bedroom again!

What a wonderful relief and anxiety reliever routines are! I don’t even remember the last time I cleaned the bathroom, because the swish and swipe kept it manageable. This is funny to me because our master bath is TINY!  But I actually cleaned the shower and then the floor with a purple rag and was rinsing it in the clean toilet bowl–when I accidentally FLUSHED my precious purple rag! I think my husband was more upset than I was. So, I was wondering if the Clog Cannon works on one flushed purple rag! LOL

I cannot say that all my zones are completely decluttered now, but I two have a couple others that are ready for Detailed Cleaning. I have already started on the TV Room this week. There is almost nothing to do in there. It nearly makes me cry tears of joy.

I was always overwhelmed without routines. I didn’t see how I could manage three children and a 3800 square foot house, and work and be a good wife, but now all things are possible. Big THANK YOU to you and your crew!

Flybaby Cathryn VA


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