She’s Got A Sneaky Inner Child

Dear Pam and Nelly,

I’ve written you before about my weight loss due in part to your book The Mouth Trap. Honestly, we’ve been struggling for the past month and we’ve not lost any more weight. Suzie Q [Susan’s inner child] gets very discouraged and does very nasty things to the scale every morning including kicking it, sticking her tongue out and even certain gestures that I am not very proud of! I try to get her to not be so hard on us; after all we have not GAINED any weight either! It just seems very hard for us to get back on track once we’ve ventured off.  I’m not giving up on us though!

I wanted to write to you because I’ve discovered how sneaky Ms. Suzie Q can be! She loves a challenge – i.e. if I say to her “I’ll bet you can’t go down to the lunch room and get a cup of coffee without getting anything from the snack machine” she is more than happy to prove me wrong! However, last Friday she turned the tables on me. A women I work with, not closely-mostly on the phone (she works on another floor), was retiring. Suzie Q wanted a piece of that retirement cake! Oh how she wanted that sweet treat! I told her that we could go down and wish the woman Happy Retirement, but we were not allowed to have any of the cake. This is where she got sneaky. I heard HER say TO ME “I’ll bet you can’t go down there and not eat a piece of cake!” Well, I wasn’t falling for that – I knew that she intended to have that cake! I sternly told her that we would not go downstairs and tempt ourselves. It was perfectly acceptable to call the woman and send her our wishes via phone since that was how we usually communicated with her. I would have preferred to do this in person, but I knew that our resolve was down and because we’ve been struggling, Suzie Q is practically ready to give up!

She pouted for most of the rest of the day until I informed her that we had saved enough calories at the end of the day to have not one but two home baked toll house cookies. That seemed to cheer her up a bit. She even opted to only eat one so that we could save even more calories!

Hopefully I can rein her back in and we can get back on track. After all, she is the one who LOVES all the compliments we get. She loves to look at new clothes and she loves looking at our new shape in our clothes (I practically can’t keep her out of the mirror some days!).

Susan B and Suzie Q

Pam here: Susan has learned an art. She is able to be aware of sabotaging thinking. Until I met my inner child Nelly, I was oblivious to the arguments I had with myself in which I ended up not doing what I intended to do. Self-discipline is remembering what you really want. Susan’s inner child is no sneakier than yours. If you are over-weight, you have given in to the child in you that wants sweets and somewhere along the way you quit being the parent to that part of you and you let your child win. The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! will help you to understand your inner child’s ability to get you to ignore what you really want…and you will lose weight.

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