As Good As New

Dear FlyLady,

When I received my lint kit I was disappointed to find the long thin vacuum nozzle, after having resided in a box a ¼ of its length for a time, had  been severely buckled at three points (corresponding to the box corners). As the opening was already very narrow, this meant it didn’t pick up things particularly easily.

Today, however I found the answer to my despair! I heated it with a hair dryer & worked the hose gently from the sides when it was warm enough to be malleable.  I jiggled a longish metal ruler within the vacuum nozzle so as to work the aperture open at the offending bends. Apart from a tiny buckle in the accordion ribbing at one point, it’s as good as new. (better actually!)

The day I received the Lint Kit I cleaned out the lint aperture with the small brush, then used the vacuum attachment, in its initial state. The Kit’s vacuum attachment clogged on occasion with all the lint (the dryer was well past time for a clean), but hey, out with the Clog Cannon I’d purchased at the same time, set it to the round end & voila! No more clog; ready for more lint removal. (I did hold the end of the lint hose within a nearby chilly bin so I didn’t have lint spraying over all my laundry.)

Happy & hoping the wings last a long FLY,



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