Free Style Makeover for Busy Moms

Attention Ladies!FBadFrump2Fab

My good friend, Hannah Keeley is holding a FREE style makeover for busy moms called “Frump 2 Fab” this weekend, and she’s opening it up to all my Flybabies!

CLICK HERE to grab a spot.

Some things she’s covering:

* The one thing that works great in your kitchen but totally fails in your wardrobe. Don’t make this mistake (most women do).

* The one piece of clothing that instantly works miracles for every body type, and you may not even own it.

* The “anti-frump” trick that you can steal from reality television and use in your own home.

* The key strategies for shopping your closet (and stop buying things you don’t need).

* How a major wardrobe fail during a halftime show can be the greatest confidence cure ever.

* The 3 critical tests to find out if your clothing works right for your body type.

* The one thing your closet and the dollar store have in common (this will put an end to the “I don’t have anything to wear” saga).

* 3 items no outfit is complete without (and over 80% of moms leave these off).

* The five-minute trick you can do every day to get ready in a flash (and look good, too!).

It starts on Friday. Hannah will give you three videos–one on Friday, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday.
The videos are between 15-20 minutes long.
No charge. The weekend is free.

Check out Hannah’s fun weekend; Frump 2 Fab.


Hannah Keeley is the host of the reality show, “Hannah, Help Me!” and the founder of Mom Mastery University. As a behavior therapist and a mom of seven, she has devoted her life to helping moms live abundant lives.

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