Top Of the Pile

Dear FlyLady,

Recently I was checking out the new book table at my local library and spotted Could You But Find It, by Robert S. Cilley. I recognized the name as Flylady’s DH and picked it up to browse.  I was caught by the first few paragraphs and stuck it in my book bag.

I also picked up the newest mystery by  Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. (Who regularly make the best seller lists.)   I added a couple of more books that I had preordered, checked out and went home to read.

Robert’s book was my first choice.

Well, I didn’t get anything else done till I had finished it.  It was fantastic.  The characters were so believable yet each having an individual personality.  And they all acted with common sense.  They were people I could care about. The plot was exciting and intriguing.  The book was so good that I was disappointed in the Preston & Child book that I read next and I had read several of their previous books and always enjoyed them.  I hope Robert is already working on his next book.  I am looking forward to reading more.

Katherine Weber


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