The Big Picture

For the FlyBabies out there who have not read his. Get it! It was a great story and a good illustration of how FlyLady’s one habit at a time really does make a difference. I am a big picture person and somehow could not relate to the shine your sink idea making a difference. I needed to see the whole picture. This book changed everything. Now that I could truly see how the whole thing added up, it took the stress I was feeling away. Now I am happily decluttering and learning my first habits. I know where I am going!

For those who do not know what a FlyBaby is, I still recommend it. It is a sweet story of all too familiar to me daily struggles and how we help each other where we are. If you are not the organized type, you may find hope like me. My kudos to the authors. You will entertain and help many! I will re-read this over and over. Not only was it just what I needed, but also a story that I loved!


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