Could Your Legs Be Cooking?

This frog analogy is brilliant, because it’s just what we do when we don’t stay conscious of our spending. This woman woke up before it was too late.

Dear Pam and Nelly,

I know you’ve heard about the frog in the water and how he gets boiled because the water is heated so gradually that he doesn’t even realize he’s cooking!  That was our story when it came to balancing our budget.  I have railed against our government for not balancing our national budget and there we were living in fantasyland with our own money problems.  How can you balance your budget when you don’t have one to balance?  I now see because of your GOOD book that it was Shelly my inner child who loved the fantasyland and didn’t want me to wake up and see what was happening.

I was literally lying to myself as our credit cards got used more and more.  My husband and I are equally to blame, and he has yet to understand this inner child thing, but because of the book we were able to both “wake up” and see our legs were scalding and if we didn’t get out of this hot water we were going to be cooked!  We NOW have a budget and just like you wrote, Shelly hated that idea because it would clip her wings at the mall, grocery store, on the internet etc.  You made it very easy to talk Shelly into the “joy” of a budget, something I never would have thought.  My husband is with me when I thank you for writing such a meaningful and lighthearted book about getting out of debt.  We are doing just that and it’s fun!

Karen and Shelly

I love the GOOD Book and I’m so happy it’s helping to change lives. I hope if you’re having financial problems you’ll get the GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt before you discover you’re half cooked! Get out of the hot water NOW!

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