My Wonderful Husband

Dear FlyLady,

My husband has really been supportive of my decluttering and cleaning our house. He is right there along with me. I have been a FlyBaby for about three weeks. I have received several FlyLady tools and have given him some to use as we progress. I just got a few more this week.

He is finding out how good they are! But the funniest thing happened when the Clog Cannon came the other day. We haven’t had to use it yet, but in describing what each attachment is for and trying the pump mechanism, my husband’s thoughts deteriorated to naming the gadget something else.

Are you ready? The Pooper Pistol! I burst out laughing and explained to him that the Clog Cannon does more than toilets. So now, I labeled the box it was shipped in as “Pooper Pistol and More.” Just thought I’d share a little silliness with you.

Take care, and thanks for being there.

Half Moon Bay, CA


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