Finally Decided To Give It A Chance

Dearest FlyLady,

I was introduced to you in ‘09 by a wonderful FlyBaby named Kay. I admit that at the time I didn’t appreciate her, or you. I was 19 turning 20 and I knew it all, lol. A year later she loaned me your book, I liked it, I read it all. But I left it at ‘Such a good idea’ and never really started.

Fast forward, I’m almost 25, married for almost three years with two beautiful sons. And I was drowning in CHAOS.  I’ve never been one to keep things out of sentimentality, if it was broken, or if I or my husband simply disliked it. I just had no places for my things. If there was a place for it, I failed to put it back. Not to mention all the times I decided to get rid of something and the bag sat in the mud room for months taking up space. I never did the dishes or the laundry (or anything else). There was quite a bit of crisis cleaning, yelling, and bitterness all around.

My DH was (is) so patient and has been very helpful.

I’ve played with your website for a couple years, always letting my perfectionism stop me from starting (control journal perfectionism I should say). So I knew where to find you when God told me, while I was watching a show with my oldest DS (2yrs), ‘Sin is pleasurably for a season.’ I was blown away. I’m not saying TV is a sin, just that I was sitting there having “fun” enjoying myself for the time when I knew in my heart that there would only be tension, arguing, and un-necessary stress at the end of the day. You see, the guilt I felt over doing nothing while my DH worked drove me to be wrongfully defensive of myself. Even when he didn’t say anything, I would get snippy.

That day, that very minute, I signed up for your emails and shined my sink. I de-cluttered our tri-fecta (living room, dining room, and kitchen), put away the toys and did a load of dishes. The de-cluttering only took 15 minutes!! Most of it was trash, toys, or clothes. A week or so later I ordered some Rags in a Bag, two toilet swishers, and a Rubba Scrubba. I loved them all. Then (since this started at the end of March and it was now April) I bought new sheets and a bedspread. I’ve only had them a few days, but once they were washed and dried the bed has been made since. DH now helps me do a 15 minute pick up in the tri-fecta every night. I bless my home throughout the week. I do at least a load a day for laundry and I keep up on my dishes daily, as they are used.

By no means am I done learning and growing. Most rooms are still untouched. But one room at a time, as my routines become habits, I’m taking control of my life and blessing my family. I always start my day (after I’m dressed) with ‘Do Everything.’ It really reminds me of why I WANT to keep my home ordered.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Jamie in Ohio


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